Dr. SoulenI am a board-certified adult psychiatrist, in private practice since 1994. I provide comprehensive mental health care, starting with a thorough assessment of many domains that affect mental health and well-being. Psychotherapy is central to my work; I prescribe medications, when indicated, to people for whom I am providing comprehensive care. I do not offer “medication management only.” For those seeking a psychiatrist to help them with medications only, we are fortunate that there are many excellent psychiatrists in the greater Baltimore area who practice in that model.

I received my medical training at the University of Pennsylvania and began my career as a pediatrician. After several years I found myself wanting to work with people in a more comprehensive way than was possible as a pediatrician, so I did a second residency in psychiatry at Sheppard-Pratt Hospital. There I received extensive training in short- and long-term psychotherapy in addition to training in the medical aspects of psychiatry.

The desire for a comprehensive framework for understanding and applying diverse approaches and practices led me to in-depth study of Ken Wilber‘s Integral theory and Interpersonal Neurobiology, both of which inform my work. More information about these topics can be found on the approach page.

Having seen the powerful benefits of many practices and approaches that lie outside of the scope of conventional western medical and mental health care, I have trained in several disciplines over the years including several forms of meditation, yoga, tai chi and qi gong. When people are interested and when appropriate, I incorporate these practices in evidence-based ways into the plans I develop with my patients to optimize their mental health and well-being.

Some of the teachers with whom I have personally studied include Jon Kabat-Zinn, Steve HagenDan SiegelJohn Daido Loori, Jan Chozen Bays, Master Li Junfeng and Amrit Desai. I have led a regular meditation group and meditation retreats since 2004.

In addition to my clinical practice I offer supervision and consultation to other mental health professionals as well as lectures and workshops on integrative approaches to mental health care. For several years I worked closely with Ken Wilber to develop seminars on the application of his Integral model to psychotherapy.

In this video, from a seminar for psychotherapists at the Integral Institute, I offer an overview of the application of Ken Wilber’s Integral model to the practice of psychotherapy.