COVID-19 notices – updated 12/28/2023

Office hours and availability:

As of December 28, 2023, the Maryland Department of Health is recommending universal masking in all health care settings due to the current high rates of respiratory virus-associated hospitalization. During the time that universal masking is recommended, I will be conducting all appointments virtually. The office will re-open once the rates of respiratory virus-associated hospitalization have fallen enough that universal masking recommendations are lifted.

Videoconference options:

I encourage all current patients who have a device suitable for videoconferencing (desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone) and an appropriately private location to conduct remote sessions by videoconference. If you do not have a suitable device or private location, or if you have a strong aversion to using video technology for any reason, I am happy to do sessions by phone.

There are several platforms that usually work well for videoconferencing. With the huge increase in the use of telemedicine during the pandemic, many networks are experiencing intermittent connectivity issues, so it is useful to be prepared to use more than one platform.

Preferred platforms are VSee and, both of which are securely encrypted and HIPAA-compliant.

With the relaxation of HIPAA enforcement for telemedicine during the pandemic, non-HIPAA-compliant (but encrypted and secure) platforms such as Zoom, Skype and FaceTime can also be used. Unsecured platforms like WhatsApp are not acceptable for telehealth.

To connect by VSee: Go to, accept the invitation, and follow the prompts to download VSee Messenger and create an account. We will then be linked and ready to do video sessions. At the time of your scheduled appointment, just open the VSee app and I will call you through the app.

If you have already downloaded VSee and are having trouble logging in: Try clicking the link above and logging in via the invitation page. If that does not work, please open a ticket at the VSee help page,

To connect by Using Brave, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge, go to at the time of your scheduled appointment. No download or registration is required. This will put you in a “waiting room” from which I will click you in to start the session.

To connect by Zoom: If you have never used Zoom, go to the Zoom download page and download the Zoom client (for computer) or Zoom app (for phone or tablet). You may create an account if you wish, but that is not required. At the time of your scheduled appointment, open a recent email from me and click the Zoom link at the bottom of the signature block. This will open the Zoom app and put you in a “waiting room” from which I will click you in to start the session.