Services Offered

First, a disclaimer: I do not see people for medications only. My approach is holistic and integrative. Fortunately, there are many excellent psychiatrists in the area who do see people for medication management. Some suggestions for finding one can be found here.

Psychiatric care

I offer comprehensive mental health care including psychotherapy, medications when indicated, and collaborative development of a “mental wellness” plan that identifies things for you to do that will empower you to maintain good mental health and well-being. Any good plan will include elements that are challenging.

My practice is limited to adults. For more information, see the what to expect page.

Consultation and coaching services

While I can offer psychiatric care only to people with whom I am meeting in person, I do offer consultation and coaching via videoconference and telephone for those at a distance who would like to work with me on personal issues, goals or life concerns. Please understand that these services are not medical care, do not establish a doctor-patient relationship, and are not covered by insurance.

Services offered to psychiatrists and other mental health professionals

I offer consultation and supervision, both one-time and ongoing, to psychiatrists and to non-physician psychotherapists.